Isabelle Boutriau

Isabelle Boutriau

My photographic practice is rooted in my life experiences and observations. I make images to better understand myself and the world around me.

I use aesthetics to explore issues of place and identity, based on available natural light.

Photography is also a magic tool to interact with people I would otherwise not be able to engage with, and to tell their stories through my eyes.

My aim is to reveal new insights, prompt a conversation and raise questions.

Maybe I will leave

This project is an ongoing collaborative dialogue aimed to reflect on what it means to live as a woman away from one’s home country. It focuses on issues of migration, identity, and belonging. Ultimately, it is about my own situation as an outsider in Vienna, which has been my ‘temporary’ home for the last twenty years.

Man and Nature

Three photographs of my series Man and Nature, created during the MA, have been selected for the Rethinking Nature slideshow, which will be shown at:

Mois européen de la photographie Luxembourg (31 MAY-6 JUNE 2021);

IMAGO Lisboa 1-31 OCTOBER 2021 and;

FOTO WIEN (9-27 MARCH 2022).

Click HERE to find out more about the exhibition and other artists involved.

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